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The desert resounds with the hoofbeats of raiders as they descend upon a lonely outpost. Sails snap and unfurl as explorers journey toward treasure and treachery on the Crowded Sea. In the Grand Bazaar of golden Huzuz, merchants haggle over silks and spices and rings of silver, their words merging with the din of the crowd. Then the gongs of the mosques begin to sound. A hush passes over the city as the priests call the faithful to prayer. While the enlightened masses bow their heads, miles away-among the ruins of the Haunted Lands-a whirlwind rises, shifting the sand to reveal another idol, another tribute to some nameless, forgotten god.

Welcome to Zakhara, the Land of Fate.

Our story begins far to the north of this fabled land in the free city of Muluk, The City of Kings. Initially brought together by the search for a beautiful fish whose scales shone like jewels our adventurers not only found the fish but discovered its true nature was a beautiful pahari or mermaid named Salana. The adventurers released Salana and earned her undying gratitude.

A lady named Ayyam then hired the band based on the stories that Jafar had been telling of their exploits around the bazzars. Their adventurers led them through Sambaya (a small town on the Sakina River) where they did a small service for the Sultana, to a secret palace hidden behind the Sakina Waterfall where they rescued Rachad from a strange group who were shipping wine drugged with yimna into Muluk.

Main Page

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