Adil al-Muluki

Cursed beggar thief from Muluk


Adil is a fairly non-descript young man. Never someone who looked fit and healthy the curse he has been under since he stole the seal has left Adil looking ever more sickly. While the journey from Muluk is one that he would prefer not to be on his diet has been far better and he looks less malnourished than when he first stumbled upon the group at the Caravansari in Simbaya.


Adil has come to bitterly regret what at the time seemed an easy and trivial theft. It was a clear, starry night outside the Mosque of a Thousand Fountains in Muluk. A rotund distracted priest left the mosque for the short walk home, his heavy purse begging to be lightened. Adil had hoped the bulge in the priest’s purse was gold, not the drab clay seal, covered with strange, barely comprehensible writings it turned out to be.

He would have returned it (if he couldn’t have found an interested buyer, of course), but for some reason he found the writing on the seal fascinating, almost mesmerising in its movement, illuminated by the bright starlight. He tried pronouncing the words of the ancient language and all at once realised that he shouldn’t. By then, of course, it was too late.

That night Adil blacked out and woke up outside the city. He kept trying to return, once or twice making it back inside the walls, but would always black out again and find himself heading up the Sakina river away from the city. Then on one occasion he found himself awakening lying in the middle of the courtyard of a caravanserai that he didn’t recognise surrounded by what at the time were strangers. While telling them his story (or something similar to it) he was violently attacked by some invisible force and again knocked unconscious.

He has tried giving the seal to the group of strangers but it keeps returning to him unbidden. He has tried to run away but keeps blacking out and awakening to find himself with this group again. He has been turned over to the priests in Muluk (an uncomfortable experience that he is desperately trying to forget) and now finds himself forced to travel with this group. Running away doesn’t help so he is forced to follow along with them to see if they can solve the mystery of this seal and find out who the Lion’s of Tomorrow are.

Adil al-Muluki

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